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PCStitch 11:
The Ultimate Stitching Software!

PCStitch is advanced, but it's perfect for any cross-stitcher.  If you're looking to extend your crafting creativity, we invite you to take a look at the ultimate design software available today.

Download it today and check it out!

Here's some of what PCStitch can can do:
Importing Convert Pictures or images into a patterns instantly! Libraries Includes over 2000 library patterns you can use in your own creations.

Text Over 100 fonts are included, create your own, or use any font on your PC! Borders Add Borders instantly. Use ours or create your own.

Text Custom Stitches are a snap to create and use in all your designs. Borders Printing Options let you stitch off paper that fits your style.

PCStitch Users Group Share Your Favorite creations or download patterns from other PCStitch users! Borders Download your patterns.
PCStitch 11: $49.95
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Whats New in 11
System Requirements

Supported Platforms
Windows 7 and Higher

Other Features Include:
  • Highlight Palette Entries:   Instantly see where a floss is used in your designs.  more...
  • Designer Logos:   Insert Logos and other graphics into the Pattern Information sheet.
  • Auto Backstitching:   Instantly add backstitching around a single or multiple color area.
  • Custom Palette Sort: Define a custom order of palette entries on your printouts. 
  • Palette Symbol Enhancments: Select custom symbol colors for printouts. Choose symbol by stitch type. 
  • Export to PCStitch 7: Allows you to save your pattern files in old PCStitch format. 
  • Pattern Browser Panel: Easily find PCStitch files on your system.  more...
  • Open PVF Files: Allows you to Display and Print Pattern Viewer Files.  more...
  • Complete Design Tools:   Cut, Copy, Paste, Rotate, Flip, Fill, Mirror Mode
  • Multiple Stitch Types:   Use full, 1/4, 3/4, and half stitches
  • Beads:   Add Mill-Hill beads to your patterns
  • Flexible Backstitching:   Attach backstitching to any location in a grid square.
  • Multiple Floss Lists:   DMC, Anchor, Kreinick & Coats floss lists included.
  • Specialty Stitches:   Use over 60 speciality stitches such as the Lazy Daisy.
  • 6 Display modes:   View the pattern stitches as symbols, stitches, or both.
  • Unlimited Zoom Settings:   View as much or as little of the design as needed.
  • Enhanced Rulers:   View rulers as inches, centimeters, or stitch count.
  • And Much, Much More...   Download PCStitch now and see all it has to offer!

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