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PCStitch 11 Features
  Design Interface
MDI (Multiple Document Interface) You can have multiple patters open at the same time.
Panels: Panels can be docked, moved, and pinned allowing you to setup your own custom design interface.
Modern Ribbon Bar Interface
Items such as library pieces or specialty stitches are now objects, meaning they are selected, moved or removed as a single item.
Objects “float” over the top of the background.  This means you can move an object without disturbing the stitches behind it.
Right-click any object and optionally merge it to the background, allowing you to modify it.
Select any area of your design and turn it into an object, allowing you to move it as one thing.
Basic Stitch Support: Full, Half, Quarter, Three-Quarter, and Petite, as well as backstitch, french knots and Beads.
Flexible backstitch mode: Attach lines anywhere in the gridsquare.
Automatic Backstitch: Select an area and have it automatically outlined using backstitches.
Smart Stitch Mode: Quarter, Threequarter and Petite stitches. Select a particular type (Upper Left as an example), or use the Smart mode that places the stitch in the area you select.
Draw backstitches in point-to-point mode or tracing mode.
Flood-Fill any area. This can be an empty area, or an area defined by the same color.
Enhanced Flood-Fill operation uses quarter stitches when filling an area.
Color-picker tools allows you to pick the active floss color by picking it out of a pattern.
Multi-Level Undo
Zoom capabilities allow you to magnify any area of your design.
Edit functions: Cut, Copy Paste, Flip, Rotate any selected area.
Create your own collections of pattern pieces and save them as a collection. For example, create your own library of trees or flowers, and then drop these pieces in any future pattern.
Create as many libraries as you wish.
A new panel makes displaying and applying library items easy!
Edit any individual entry in a library at any time with ease. Just right-click the entry in the panel and choose Edit. The software takes care of putting it back for you.
When applied to patterns, library entries are objects. This means you can move or remove them at any time with ease.
Create your own custom borders and apply them to any future pattern.
Borders can be applied inside or around an existing design.
A Border is an object, meaning you can remove or replace it in any pattern with ease!
  Specialty Stitches
Create your own specialty stitches and use them them over and over in future patterns.
A new panel makes working with specialty stitches easier than ever before.
Specialty stitches are objects, meaning you can move or remove them with ease.
Create your own stitched text alphabets.
Convert any TrueType font into letters in your patterns.
Letters are objects, meaning you can move, or remove them with ease.
  Pattern Notes
Pattern notes allow you to drop an icon anywhere in a pattern, and add text and graphics to display what the icon represents. As an example, your pattern could include a button or other embellishment. You could use a note to define the location of the button. The text of the note would explain what the button is. Your note could even include a picture of the button and a web site where it could be purchased.
Use any icon you wish for your notes. The icons are embedded in the pattern file itself.
Include a graphic or other picture with your notes.
Notes are optionally printed in the pattern information sheet.
A Note panel makes using or displaying notes easy.
Note Text can include different fonts, tabs, color and even bullets and indentations.
Print as symbols, solid blocks, blocks & Symbols.
Enhanced information sheet prints floss legend, instructions and pattern notes.
Include a design logo in any design and have it printed on the information sheet.
Print the pattern legend on the design grid.
Optionally include the color, manufacturer ID and description in the legend.
Size the output to a specific Stitches-Per-Inch setting.
Size the output to a specific number of pages
Use the Optimal setting to have the pattern sized to your specific settings, and use as much as the paper as possible.
Fit-to-single-page printouts
Shaded stitch repeats between pages.
Customizable header and footer for each printed page and customizable margin settings
Print Preview showing up to 6 pages at a time.
  Pattern Display
Display stitches as Color Blocks, Symbols, Color and Symbols, Stitches or Virtual Stitches.
Display rulers as inches, centimeters or stitch count.
Status bar provides additional information.
Display different patterns at the same time, all with their own display settings.
A new highlighting makes locating selected floss colors a snap!
  Palette Entries (Floss)
Blend floss entries by dropping any floss onto an existing palette entry
Custom Hatches settings allow you to choose how blended floss entries are displayed
Automatic Symbol Selection
Symbol panel makes changing the symbol or symbol color for any entry easy.
Optionally, choose symbols by stitch type for the same palette entry.
Use any TrueType font for Symbols. You can even use multiple fonts in the same pattern.
Choose any color for any symbol in the pattern.
Add the same color to the palette multiple times if you wish.

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